Sunday, September 11, 2011

@@ Reality in the World.....

Most of the people  all the time are aware of important aspects of my personal life.  Let me do the right straight away!

Whatever I get from the world is always earned thru’ giving something from my side, either physical or psychological. What is the life when I can no more give anything to the world? Truly loving people with me through out  my life  life take out this burden!!

I may be having an anger in me towards the closest person but most of the times it is my emotional need that stops me from directly hurting the person.   I may not be all that lovable!

We continuously live under/with three groups viz; family group, working group and care taker group. We cannot change them; we cannot transform them; we cannot fight with them; we cannot ignore them!   We can only serve them and that way only we are at Peace....

Violence continuously builds into my relation when I stop sincerely listening to the person in relation.

My tradition is out of fear of loosing the small holdings in life.

The highest fear in life cannot be overcome by myself developing fear in tradition.

The biggest prison I am living in is I want people’s praise/recognition.

Taking care of a person is not sitting in front of the person.

Living with family is not the ultimate in life; living without family is not the way to reach the ultimate.

The best way of interacting with grown up family members in life is to advise them gently on issues that do good to them.  If they are not interested to listen, I should follow the path what they propose unless the same comes in the way of my duty.  Never I should implement my rule!

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