Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Insight....


There is a purpose for my living!  I have to find out that through a constant search in me only and see where I am totally at ease, can contribute the best in that field and get 
lost when involved. That  life, I have to live through at all costs even sometime at least in a day every day. 


1. Health is the primary requirement in life.  We have to sacrifice anything for that.
2. If I don’t have health, my life has no meaning.
3. Health is controlled consumption, sweating out and being happy.
4. Health may fail in spite of my care but carelessness in maintaining health is to be
    totally avoided.


1. It is the second most important requirement in life…. Work gives me food!
2. If I do not work I become poor.
3. Work gives protection from environment threat.
4. Work gives engagement in time.


1. Regular earning is a must in active life.
2. Controlled safe loans alone should be with me.
3. Spending money in proportion to earning is only to be practiced....
’Do not sell 
    properties and spend.’
4. Saving money is a duty.


1. A family is required because I don’t know what to do in life after working, eating 
    and sleeping.....
2. A family uses exact money, time and energy in life from me even though they appear 
    more in quantum.  If family is not there, my available time creates habits in me which
    consume more and  more time, energy and money as days pass ultimately leading
    to catastrophic  figures. 
3. When I interact with family, I am forced to forego my comforts and pleasures to 
    a great extent and use the resources associated on the family members thus
    creating a  sharing habit in me. This great living ultimately  generates Peace in me 
    else from where do I get that? 
4. Lastly to say, family interactions are less enjoyable and demand more responsible 
    actions from me in life.  If  I am not interested in a family, more responsible actions 
    towards members of society have to be taken up which may not be the standard of 
    my psyche.  Here lies the trap.  Leave the family; leave the society ultimately  where
    am and with whom am I?

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