Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Meaningful Life....Right Way the Best Way....

A few might have got stunned in life when he/she is shunned by the presumed close in life….A real pain, it happens not too often but once in away….

A large number may not experience it at all for various reasons….

When shunned, one should carefully make a note of this reality and start living the life the right way!  
Because the right way is always the safe way! 

Tension, grief, feelings of being left out, being nothing, having lost everything etc., are generally associated with this shunned life and may disturb a person to a large extent.  But  getting out of these feelings is the only way and life is worth living without this pain existing….And if a strong determination in this direction sets in, soon one finds to notice specs of recovery and happiness.

The whole world waits and watches for this change in me!   If I change, they are also joyous the right way....But, if I change either for ending something or escape from this, part of the group may appear supportive not truly not but most will keep off….So, I should never  attempt this way, instead should look at ending the grief associated with me inside.

The study of this grief is a big interesting science, as I sail through this study I find there is no grief, I myself is the grief and it does not go that easy because I wish for it, think of it or get into another activity but there is less burden of it as I progress in this study and that study is nothing but start facing it and living the right way!

The right way cannot be taught or learned but the way I feel the best in life for me within the boundaries of law around! This way, coming up life teaches me and shows really what this grief is not! 

It is a Project to be taken up and completed well; no short cuts help!

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