Saturday, October 15, 2011

Meaningful Life....The Realistic Way....

We should strive to live life Whole, not part. Whole is beautiful, free from confusions of life and all tension free! 

It is said that the only way  to have worry free life is to 
initially pass  through  the so called worries and as we sail through life,  experience the difficulties imagined and we soon find that the difficulties thus imagined are not so actually and the ease we thought is not all that easy.

That life alone covers the concept of Whole! 

A little more explanation in this direction.... 

Once a visitor was there with a Great man.  During this period, a number of people too have come to see the Great man, spent  few minutes with him and left.  The visitor remarked,”Sir, You have so many friends!”  At this, the Great man smiled and said, “They are not my friends; only acquaintances.”

To clarfy the same, he said, “You see, we might have met many times and laughed together, but we never wept together!”

This is the meaning behind living the life Whole! 

Are we repeatedly keeping off doing activities in life, which are nearer, can be done but a dislike for the same  puts us off  and we start some other?....
This question,  in front of us is not to be answered immediately as it should also to be lived through.  It is not easy, because we do not know what we are made of and what for we are here!

To clarify further, the following may be helpful.... 

When once a Great Sage asked Lord Shri Krishna, what  an illusion in life is, the Lord asked him to fetch some drinking water for Him. The story goes as the Sage  went in search of water, he got 
into progressively  total mundane life  in steps and  as he slowly got lost into the same, all of a sudden everything had come  to a total halt one day. When he lost his track and was utterly sorrowful, Shri Krishna gently patted him from behind, and asked, “Where is the water?” 

Another Saint when asked his Master whether it was right time for him to embrace Renunciation, the Master replied that unless he lived through a highly powerful worldly life with all at his disposal and discharge his duties impassionately, he is not fit to embrace the Renunciation Chapter.

It means that responsible living only is the way to experience the Whole.

The depth of this life is endless and infinite, but for us it is an ordained duty to touch, live through part of it  reasonably and experience the reality to that extent.   Further learning is left to God’s plan for us.  What responsibilities in life I should embrace  and take up challenges in that direction are well streamlined, can be easily sensed by me and  I should ever be doing that!  They may differ based on  individual Make!

Living for that purpose should be the Motto in life!

Some effort in this direction may be worth the trial….

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