Monday, November 21, 2011

Meaningful life....An advice to young college students….

Your parents have a lot of hope on you that you come up the best in life. As such they invested their life time earnings on you to come up. Let you keep up their expectations. 

You are in an institution which lays a foundation and gives you direction for you in your future profession. Let further good name come to the college that it has turned out the best students!

You are in the process of learning your basic skill here. The start has been made. Let the initial phase go well. This skill can make a beginning no second time…..

You should remember that a college gives a basic certificate on conduct which will be asked by your first employer without fail. Make sure your principal writes there ‘good’ before signing.

Your college is a place to start interaction with peers. It is great but is complex. Beware of peers’ pressure beyond!

Your college is a place of start of learning social behavior as you get into young adult life. Make a note and learn all etiquette.

You are likely to involve in certain adventurous life during this period. Let the adventures all be safe and let them be approved by your parents basically.

You are likely to exert a lot during this period. This is to be equally supported by nutritious food and proper rest/sleep simultaneously.

Your society and culture around are to be surely supported by you and your age group young people all round. There are many great values around us. A few may not be the right ones. Respect the age old culture with modifications here and there to improve the same to suit your times. Never get away from your culture! No other culture does real good to you!

Believe in God. All is well that end well. The Doer is Almighty. Pray to Him to show you the right path all the time!

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