Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meaningful life....It is Worth to Venture!

It is often seen that I live in relation to people around in a complicated manner sometimes not taking care of the right responsibilities involved. It is a strange phenomenon in the world and all the misunderstandings in life at the root level are because of this attitude!

Let us look into a little detail here….

As the life goes on, I will be interacting with many people around endlessly daily, in the family, at work spot, in the neighborhood and in general in all places where interactions required or encountered. There may not be many compulsions from anyone anywhere in these interactions except where legal issues are involved.  Many of these are based on my own likings which also include direct/ indirect pressures brought on me by someone to whom I might have sold out myself!

Only here, I am likely to deviate from the RIGHT and continuously tread on the WRONG….Continued this way, after some time it appears my doings are correct, I develop my own justification accordingly and strangely I will have people around who will say, ‘It is OK in the situation….’ Rarely one says, ‘This is wrong!’

And here only, all my future ‘PAIN’ in life is stored for ever….

If I want to live my life without this pain, I should be extremely careful in actions and firmly say in the very beginning a big ‘NO’ to easy going attitude and make it clear to all around that I am bound to live and behave in life thus…that’s all!

Lo! Criticisms fall offs and questionings will start pouring in this situation….not so easy path in the beginning…..

But since all these have no bearing to reality, soon in time fade out, reduce in intensity or start waning off! Even if they increase, my actions will definitely work a ‘WAY OUT’ automatically and soon all likeminded people start strengthening it.  No doubt on this! But continuous protests and murmurings are likely to exist from the closest who feel affected. They are not at fault…They do not know….that is all….

This way, I am bound to make right impressions which protect ultimately everyone around! And here real safety and peace lies!  Rest is as per God’s Will and I have to take that way what is given by the Almighty!

This Royal path is in front of all us….

Are we interested in making use of this where feasible and thus be in peace? Let us make a beginning; it is worth to venture!

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