Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meaningful life.... Philosophical Way....

There may be many firm thoughts sometimes in an individual…."Philosophy of life is not for me; it is in books, I have to read and remember it; being homebound I have nothing to do in this direction; where is the time with me for this activity? All this is for old age…."etc.

It is not correct to say that Philosophical way is not for me; in fact it is for everyone! Everyone can benefit out of it….

An ordinary man once approached  a Great Saint who used to advise disciples to meditate regularly and asked Him how to concentrate and meditate  as he was unable to fix his mind on any one entity so easily!  The Great man asked him, “Whom do you like the most in life?”    When he said that he liked the goat kid reared by himself, the Master said, “You keep an image of this goat kid in mind and continue thus your concentration. That is all; you have to do nothing else!  This is the best for you.”

From this, it is evident that it is such a simple way of living and every one can live his/her life style this way!

We are all doing our routine and regular jobs in life; both at home and outside. Naturally, we will be very happy if these jobs are done well all the time; no doubt about this!

Then what is the best way of doing these jobs?  There the Science of Philosophy provides the guide lines….

The guidelines define the quality of self in our actions…. Meaning care a little less for my comfort and care that much more for the other’s good!

Yes there is a level here; I can do things with full ease there! The guidelines say start living life at that level….

Ok, so far everything is fine!  Can I now try a little above this level and see what happens?   No great danger but worth venturing!  Anyhow I need not be too cautious everywhere as whatever the best I do, the result is not entirely in my hands; so let me relax and do slightly differently….This should be the spirit of venturing!

Then we see a change in us….definitely worth it!

A minor criticism from others is natural; that soon fades out as people around me understand my actions and everything that way settles ….

And the benefit of this attitude is

The good accrued in this becomes the useful entity for the people around  and I get true benefit of my mental peace of that level which never goes!

So next time I am in action….

Let me remember that Philosophical way of living is nothing but trying/doing a little more ‘THE RIGHT’ and I should never settle with any postponement in this direction!

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