Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Way Life goes on....

Three facts of life are....  

No One:

Nothing belongs to me....Everything changes. I have come empty handed and I will go empty handed! When my time is off, I have to leave. The Almighty has His Plan for me.  I have to follow necessarily His Plan and I have to pray to Him without fail!

No Two:

Working is a fact. Nothing grows proper; only wild!  Human consumption needs form,  fit and function. Every one should thus work for his/her requirement. This is the Eternal Law....One who works more without a will is a slave and one who works less wilfully is a pest.  I should neither be a slave nor a pest.  Both are weaknesses.... Sometimes I have to keep quiet; sometimes I have to rule!

No Three:

I have desires. They need to be satisfied. This needs resources in terms of time, money and energy....I have to procure money through work simultaneously not amassing wealth and conserve energy and time through discipline.  I have to use these for well being, save for a rainy day and pass on to the progeny the left out!

Every one is aware of these three facts in life!

But the levels vary….And depending on the levels, the priorities are decided….All cannot thus have the same rule!

Majority concur to the average understanding of these three facts….

If the first fact 
appeals to me more, I am philosophical,
If the second more, I am a workaholic and 
If the third, I am an enjoy er to the brim! 

Thus living is defined for an individual!

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