Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No one is a Nuisance around!

When I say ‘It is a Nuisance’ the words have a deep meaning because there is nothing like ‘Nuisance’ in the world around me. The living in total is going on….That’s all!

As the world lives through the dynamic moments, I continuously interpret the right of every one and give marks for all behaviours around me.

These evaluations are based on a deep feeling in me that …. ‘I am doing the best, I like rest of the people appreciating me every moment and I should not be pointed out at any time....’  This attitude in me alone brings out the definition of ‘Nuisance’!

When questioned if I were wrong, I may quickly go into my cocoon to say that I was only calling a spade a spade!  But the fallacy here is that this spade is not a fixed entity but changing continuously in time….

So, can I pause, look into the dynamic aspects of every situation and give a chance for the other person to express/act in the way he/she is propelled  but  correct 
only to prevent any serious damage on either side? 

If seen this way, nothing is a nuisance but a passing phase in life and in this scenario, I am only waiting patiently for a Natural Change in the other person; that’s all!

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