Sunday, February 19, 2012

The wonderful Gift of Nature….

The famous scientist working day and night on his research was advised by his spouse to take a leave from his busy schedule and relax.

“Go somewhere, spend the day in a different way and fully rejuvenate yourself", she advised….

“OK, I will see to that”, the scientist replied thoughtfully.  He also felt that he might need some rest and relaxation as advised by his spouse.

But the next day morning, both got up and were back to their schedules; the scientist straight away busy with his laboratory research ignoring what he decided to do the day before and the spouse on her own work with no time to oversee where and what her husband was doing….


We love doing daily what we do regularly as there is an unknown and undefined ease in that….and
Here, no separate relaxation is really required and all other ways people suggest may not bring true relaxation.... 

This is where our strength at work lies and the prospective Employer is ever aware of this!  This deep interest and well accustomed attitude will not allow us to take up another job so easily and thus we become experts in our job!

This is the Nature’s wonderful Gift for survival in the world.  At any time, I am the right individual who can deliver the best to my Employer’s requirement  and so my Employer is interested to continue with me. 

Let this Gift of Nature be always protected and supported all the time through our additional efforts….

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