Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nothing comes Free....

A young adult approached an elderly gentleman known for values in life and sought his sincere advice on an issue which was pestering him day and night….

The elderly man listened to him and said, “I am a little busy now. Why don’t you come tomorrow?” The young man readily agreed. Next day he went to him but the elderly was not available. He waited and visited him once again the next day after confirming on phone. The elderly invited him, talked for some time but never raised his issue. The young man was annoyed. At the end, he meekly said, “Sir! What about an answer for my question?” The elderly said, “Yes! I know…. I need some more time. OK!  Come after two days at 6 PM in the evening.” The young man took leave, went away and finally made it on the day!

The elderly looked at him and said, “Your issue has no answer from me!” The young man was really upset at this point of time. He could not control his anger and said in a harsh tone, “Sir! Why did you waste so much of my time to tell this?”

The elderly smiled at him and said, “I am sorry to trouble you purposefully. The saying goes, ‘Nothing should be given freely including an advice.’ You should feel the pain of getting it! Then only it will have its value. Else anything free is taken in the light way!” Thus saying, the elderly sincerely clarified his doubt….

The young man really felt the value of his clarification at the back of himself undergoing the right strain in getting it!   

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