Monday, February 13, 2012

The Powerful Inner Nature....

A young man had a great misfortune in life. He was totally depressed. He took some time to recover partly from the sorrow that he faced in life. People around helped him that way sincerely, but still time only had to give a right solution as an answer.

During this period, the young man had various thoughts in his mind how to rehabilitate himself. People around him proposed various solutions, but he was never satisfied with any one of them.   Infact, a thinking started in him about the existence of life! Thus, he spent lots of time in that direction and finally decided on one thing….i.e., approach an Ashram, enrol there and do sincere service to the cause. He was sure that that way he would ultimately be peaceful; no doubt, a noble thought….On a good day, at an appropriate time after his work, he visited the nearest famous Ashram and sought an interview with the Head of the Ashram….

The Head heard him patiently, paused some time and told him thus,”Please go back and live an ordinary life as you were living earlier by discharging the responsibilities attached and interesting to you in that direction!”

The young man was totally disappointed. He felt that the Head had not seen his zeal and the deep loss of interest in the worldly life….

The Head seeing his reaction, smiled at him and told thus, "My dear!  Your personality and thoughts are not ripened at this moment for active participation in the Ashram activities. I sincerely feel that you are not yet fit to do even a part time job.   As on date, you can only pay visits here the way rest of the people are coming here. Please do in that fashion only!”

As the young man was leaving, with a trace of doubt in his mind, the Head replied, "Even if you take up any job here, your inner nature as on this day does not permit that and there will be a constant conflict in you.   As I foresee, your inner nature is strong that way and you soon end up in mis-managing the issues here. There by, every one around suffers. So this is not the place of working for you this moment even as part time!”

With these final words of the Head, the young man truly understood the necessity of leading the worldly life in the right way!

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