Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Compulsions and Wise ways in life....

A Saint in an Ashram was once asked by a devoted disciple, “Reverend Sir!  Pardon me for asking this question.   As I see, you do not interact much in the world daily.   What is the ultimate use of living an isolated life this way?   I beg you answer this question and clear the doubt in my mind.”

The Saint smiled at the disciple and answered him thus, “Yes, My dear!   I am sitting here alone all the time meditating and doing not many activities most of the time. All my interactions in the world are minimal. I understand that if I lead life this way, I will do good to myself and good to the world. And as I sit through this process of meditation doing almost nothing, the highest peace is with me all the while. That is the true long term benefit I get through this discipline.

But at the same time, actions of short term benefits are also there at this level of understanding. They comprise of spreading out philosophy of life tailor made. These actions may give a feeling of helping out the distressed world but ultimately are associated with some sort of unrest and agony.

As all of us are potentials of some pre-disposed actions in this world, we all have to involve accordingly in the respective actions only. The choice of an action in a particular direction may not be with the individual as he/she is propelled in that  direction, but that between long and short term benefit oriented actions is purely left to the individual’s discrimination.   In such a scenario, it is always wisdom to stick to actions of long term benefits and hold acting in the direction of short term benefit ones. Indirectly short term benefit actions are pleasure oriented and long term ones welfare oriented.   If we can cultivate this discipline in day to day life, our lives will be more time peaceful except for the happenings which necessarily have to happen but not due to the out come of our actions. This is the best way of living the life towards betterment in the world and inside one self!”

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