Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pride vs The Will Power....

A man was dedicated in his approach. He had his own weaknesses but was always trying sincerely to fight the same and stand. That way, no doubt he was not a great success but the efforts were sincere towards improvement.

Another man had a similar problem but was always interested to present himself as a man who could win over these weaknesses to a certain level. Never, he wanted a status to himself below this level. He thus used to purify himself the best possible way after each fall, adapt a different environment and come back to normalcy soon to lead further life.

On one occasion, both men had an opportunity of visiting a Great Saint in their town. Both met Him separately, explained their weaknesses, what actions they were doing in that context and sought His advice.

For the first man, the Master said, “You are doing the right way. Please continue the same.” For the second, He advised, “What you do is not correct. Check yourself and soon mend your path.”

Seeing this, one of the disciples of the Great Man got astonished and asked him, “Sir! I could not follow what you advised both these gentlemen.”

The Saint said, “See, My dear! The first man is sincere in his attempt, continuously is trying his best to improve in the direction of betterment and thus comes in the list of the truly devoted. The second man no doubt, made initial progress but does not have that strong ‘Will Power’ to grow further. Most of the times, he makes a show to himself that he is progressing, gets satisfied  and thus is ending up mostly at the same level!”

In the end, the Master said, “Every one has to improve. God limits the physical and mental capabilities at various levels for individuals and tests the ‘Will Power’ of each one to come out of the situation. This ‘Will Power’ is the sincere attempt without a concern for result. Some improve step by step but surely, where as others may show initial improvement fast to the world/ to themselves but end up there because the pride overtakes the ‘Will Power.’  Ultimately the tortoise wins as the hare sleeps!”

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