Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Spirit of facing Exams....

Advice to young people writing Examinations…..

You have studied all the subjects the whole year…. You will have a fair knowledge of the same, whatever way you might have studied. So as first step, have a calm attitude to face all the exams!

The exams basically test the competitive edge of the learners. It is good to be smart in 
life for a better future and let the tests tell me where I stand!

All exams lead to award of the related Degree/Certificate. Don’t you want to carry this precious jewel with you? 

Minimum sleep and nutritious food helps to maintain good health and fine memory. No sacrifice here at any cost….

Your parents may be outwardly expressing that you to do well in the exams. But they are two hundred percent anxious about your well being every minute. Where do I get such caring Gods?

Your Institute and your Teachers have taught you the best possible way in all your classes. A prayerful attitude to the Institute and Masters is the true spirit before writing the exam.

You may make some mistakes in one exam. The thoughts should not be carried over to next day exam.

If the question paper was tough or if the questions were out of syllabus, whatever you could answer is the best, nothing else! Relax and there will always be a solution in the interests of the affected individuals.

The thought of a miss in one exam, no doubt is a pain but there is always a process of 
coming out of it. So, no despair in that direction ….Do the best now!

When all exams are over, relax a while but concentrate simultaneously on the next course of action ….either further Studies or Employment  …. Nothing less ….Never rest beyond a limit as lethargy is a devil by the side!

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