Saturday, April 7, 2012

Am I better?....

A man was discussing some of the issues of life with a distant elderly relative who was an introvert and mentor all through his life. “People around never understand the right way of doing things which is so evident in life." he said.  "I feel sorry for them. Their suffering will come down only if they understand a little of truth and follow the right path straight away....”

The elderly gentleman looked at him and said, “My Dear! True Understanding is not that simple! It is a Gift from Almighty! It is far, far.... away for me....What appeals to me the max is a little more correct relatively than what appeals to others….That’s all!

The infinite gap between the Original Truth and what I perceive in life is my ignorance. This is associated with simultaneous feelings of conflict, guilt and repentance in me together called strife in life! All these operate at mind level only….not beyond! And they are only my feelings and thus my life goes on….And it is ever my duty to reduce the quantum of this strife in my life.”

While departing, he smiled and quipped, “How much am I really correct in pointing out these personalities around when actually I, myself is far behind them with this feeling of pride in me that ‘I am better!’”

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