Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Effects of Good deeds....

“It is a thankless job” the young man said sadly. “I do everything in the best possible way and try to support people around. They are not conscious of the same and often point out only my mistakes which invariably happen here and there. Sometimes I feel like stopping the activities all together....”

“No my dear! Do not stop any one of the activities which you are doing presently and maintain the status quo. A lot of good lies in this” said an elderly gentleman smilingly. “Whatever may be the turmoil, you always build a fortune for you through your good deeds in the world. People who are the recipients of the same may not bother about you this moment as they are too engrossed in their own fulfillments and thus do not find time to recognize your goodness. Further, if they encounter a pestering problem, they get agitated and in the process you may be the target of attack as you are straight forward and do not oppose unnecessarily. But, let your activities go on with full swing. The beauty in Nature is that the effects of good accrue faster and always stay in the minds of people for ever but at a depth. There will be a day in every one’s life when he/she invariably sees this and that happens soon as the vagaries of Nature are always tuned to reveal these golden jewels at depth! That’s the Day of Victory in your life!’

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