Monday, April 30, 2012

I should stop criticizing around....

“My people with me are never smart enough to see the imminent dangers around. They talk as if the whole world is with them and they rule everywhere. They are too confident, plan everything meticulously and express great pride in achieving the same. In addition, they celebrate the mood. They thus jump with exploded happiness and excitement. Below is the carpet over which all are standing and boasting themselves. If pulled by fate, the right will become left in no time. In a moment, positions will change and kingdoms will be lost. In such a scenario, where is the thought of celebration?” Thus spoke the man with an indignation and anger on his face!

“What you described is too theoretical” Said the wise elderly man by the side with a smile. “It is something like sticking to dry philosophical life!”

“Sir! Am I telling something which is not true? How can you say what all I described is wrong? Our sacred books have the same message. I never told anything beyond that.”

“My dear! What a great man tells is different from what we talk but the sentences may remain the same; that is the beauty of philosophy! In all your observation, is it not a fact that what you have seen the qualities openly in others, you do not exhibit simply because you are afraid of them? Thus, you are leading a life as if the day is a big burden…. Instead, those who scream and celebrate their happiness are living a day of fullness…. You mentally know that everything is empty but your mind is not empty…. You too are not immune to the dangers nor have the courage to face them! At least, for them their ignorance is bliss but for you, your own knowledge in this line is big block which immobilized you already!”

While departing, the elderly said, “I should always see the merits in others and demerits in me; work towards improving myself….that’s all! This attitude alone truly makes me take life as it comes, live with all odds boldly and ultimately be thus happy with what the Almighty gives! Nothing else is sacred or worth remembering!”

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