Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life is never a Problem....

Two young people who were close friends had two different approaches of living….

One is used to say, face the problems and live through life….The other used to struggle with the problems…..

Both had happened to meet one day on certain occasion. The first one was happy. The second one was a little sad.

The second one murmured, “I go on solving the problems, but they would be coming multiplied and sometimes too many. There is no breathing time in my life.”

Seeing the first one cool, the friend asked, “Don’t you have major problems?” The first one laughed and said, “I have problems but I have a life too to live through happily! The two are separate for me. I solve problems the best possible way all the time, but follow a fine discipline. When it is reasonably evident that I cannot do anything with a problem for the time being, it is off from my mind and thus I live happily. At the same time I do not escape into a relaxing technique which ultimately is nothing but covering up the unsolvable problem. Thus I live and that way my life is always peaceful!”

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