Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Love alone conquers all the hurdles....

A child was temporarily left in the care of a few young well-wishers as the mother had to go on an urgent work for a while.... After sometime, the child started crying and soon it was uncontrollable.... All the young men were trying their best to console and keep the child calm till the mother returns....

One said, “Let us play with the child…. Play is the best for a child!”

The second one said, “More than play, the best method is to divert the child’s attention.... This is a method generally used by many mothers….”

Another said, “Let us move the child out for a little while. Fresh air, openness and coolness will surely calm the child!”

The next person said, “We will put the child to sleep by rocking and singing a song.... My mother always used to do that!”

A dynamic young man said,  "All these methods are doubtful.... Let us communicate to the child directly.... There by the child would be comfortable and crying will simply stop!”

A smiling youth said, “You all have forgotten the most important thing…. The child is hungry.... Have you noticed it? Let us feed the child....”

The last young man said, “Nothing works so easily! The only way to calm down the child is…. Let us go to the child’s level and try to resolve the problem at that level through our simple actions.... When the levels thus match, sure the child responds! I read this technique in some book....”

Thus all of them tried their best to calm down the child.... But Unfortunately, nothing worked.... And some methods appeared working, but failed in no time! Soon all people were helpless...

In the mean time, the mother returned and hearing the cry from a distance itself rushed towards the child, hugged and comforted the little one…. And the child instantly was cool and calm and after a brief rocking by the mother, went to sleep blissfully in no time!

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