Friday, April 25, 2014

Positive Assurances beyond have a problem!

“My people expect too much from me.... Many times they put me under so much pressure that I am confused on how to act and meet their demands.... If I do not meet the same, they are sad and I feel bad for them.... Sometimes, they rebuke me saying, ‘Can’t you do this much?” That truly irritates me, as I am struggling to do my best in the given situation.... I am clueless here.... Why am I in this state?” Thus was expressing a man of mid forties with a sad tone to one of his Well-wishers….

“I understand your state of mind.....” The Well-wisher, a man of wisdom said comforting him.... “You see! We should never leave people around us with too many expectations beyond a limit.... When you act in a way showing that it is possible to possess or do in a particular way, people around you develop a type of belief and faith in you.... Then you should continue working in that way to support their belief.... If your actions are away from Truth, it would not be possible to continue to provide this support and soon you have to back out.... That situation really produces too much unrest and disturbance in them.... People unknowingly get into blame games and associated vengeances and enmities come up.... If people are closely related where vengeance has no place, a type of feeling that they have been taken for a ride comes up in them.... It happens at core family level too.... It is always better not to have this unrest at any time in family and close circles....

The best way in life is.... ‘Nip the wrong hope in the bud stage itself!’ It may be a pain initially; depends on the person in interaction but the dust settles soon and further activities in life for all around will be streamlined in no time....

Remember that Truth alone Triumphs ultimately and so never promise anything beyond 'The Right' at any time.... It is a Great Wisdom to live such a life which many times looks so 'Ordinary!'”

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