Thursday, April 12, 2012

Right Actions ever save us....

A man was constantly worried. “I am doing my best around. But still I attract criticism in my doings. See, if I miss anything doing, I agree that it is my fault and I am glad to correct the same if pointed out. Further, I am ready to make up any loss or damage because of that. But there are people around me whose job is only to point out…. How should I deal or face such scenarios? I am unhappy! Sometimes I feel like stopping all these works and get off….” He said thus lamenting to one of his well wishers on an evening.

The elderly gentleman listened to him patiently, paused a while and said, “My Dear! Relax;no despair! The hurt or pain at psychological level you experience in life is always time bound.   When it strikes, it appears profound, feels like that life is not worth  that moment and there would be a deep negative feeling of something missing seriously…. Sometimes it is a feeling of total let down! The reason for this feeling is that my ‘self’ is not recognized for a moment!  And what all I want at that moment is that the same is recognized at any cost; nothing else….that’s all!

But the only safe guarding discipline of the moment is…. ‘I continue doing my essential works without a stop!’ This alone saves an individual in that tough time….

Definitely a difficult task and those moments of continuing doing the essential works do look like a total loss of personality….a feeling of my kingdom lost....but no regrets; in reality it is ‘NUL’….

When I involve thus a little patiently, that’s all…..I have conquered the world and one hundred times a better kingdom is back with me! In a definite time depending on the level of hurt, I would be seeing a level of calmness as before along with the good accrued out of right deeds done in time….

This is the beauty in life and the right way to true happiness!”

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