Thursday, April 5, 2012

Right Education....

Two families were living as neighbors. The members of one family might not have come up as very capable with the education given to them but were grown with responsibilities attached. The members of the second family had become smart with their education but were pampered a lot with no major responsibilities with them in the right time!

The Heads of the two families had soon become old. And respective responsibilities were to be handled partly by the members of both families.

The Head of the first family was cool all the time as the members had taken over their responsibilities in time, set right their life styles and streamlined certain issues of the family. Thus they were together under one roof with one orientation in life! What Head had meant and the members meant were more or less the same except for minor differences accommodating personal and age factors….

The Head of other family had a hell of problem. Even though members of his family were smart, they lived haphazardly without taking up major family responsibilities in time. Many advantage seekers in the guise of friends joined around and life went on merrily but for a short time. Soon, the Head was forced to manage the family issues himself and it was a herculean task for him in that age. What the Head had meant, the members never followed. Instead they had their own priorities! Ultimately there was utter chaos!

The Head had repented at this stage, “How much important it is to bring up children teaching them responsibilities of life in the right time!”

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