Saturday, April 14, 2012

A solution to the Unrest....

A man of mid forties was honest, used to work hard, reasonably secured in life and had a good family life. He was thus a man with a sense of achievement. Further he was a strong believer of God and used to participate in many devotional programs continuously.

In spite of having all and living with a good discipline, he was having certain unrest with him and he found that not to leave him at any cost. On one of the days, he happened to meet an elderly gentleman who was philosophical in his life, sincerely told him his problem and sought his advice.

The elderly listened to him fully, paused and said thus…..” My dear! You are a well disciplined individual. God had bestowed many on you and you are deeply indebted to the Almighty for this.”

“Your unrest today is out of a possessive feeling you strongly developed in respect of things around you. This possessive feeling is indirectly supported by the continuous success in life and growth achieved by you. In fact, to take care of your possessions beyond your capacities which are not in your control, you developed deep faith in God and that is also true because God alone takes care of us!”

But The Almighty expects me to do one more along with a sincere Prayer to Him. He expects me to unwind myself by reducing this possessive feeling as much as possible in my life. If I am a true devotee of God, I should follow this Order and thus come up with an action which involves giving away a little beyond. This ‘beyond’ is something beyond what I decide to do. In that scenario alone, my fear of uncertainty comes down and that total action is true devotion towards God. Please do start giving the excess to the deserved in a proper way and let that action be steady with a feeling of love in giving rather than a ritual completed and soon the mind is back on possessions….This way, the mind will be cleansed of the uncertainties that lurk in and you will be a happy individual for the rest of life…”

The man felt at this point of time that the only path that takes out the tension is….Start winding up through a ‘Give away’ attitude!

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