Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Way to Salvation....

A young man visited an Ashram and put a sincere question to the Head of the Ashram thus, “Reverend Sir! For people like me, who live normal life with families, is there no way to Salvation?”

The Master replied, “My dear! There is nothing like that Salvation is only for Saints, Philosophers, Devotees and others who are in sacrificing roles….It is for one and all! In fact, an ordinary man may attain Salvation much faster than a Saint in an Ashram.

When we all live our lives continuously day to day hr to hr and minute to minute, there are always two ways of living in front of us. One is through action and the other through reacting to the situation. As long as I continue reacting, I can never attain Salvation. When I start doing the required actions known to me without questioning the level of actions I am doing, the way is sure towards Salvation…. We are all thus in individual boats and all have to navigate ourselves only though our own known methods. Rest is the Almighty’s Grace! In this context neither copying is an Elevation nor a particular way of living is a downfall!”

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