Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Am I progressing in the true spirit?

Two friends visited an Ashram and met the Head of the Ashram. One man was ahead in understanding the philosophical aspects of life with certain clarity of action and the other was struggling to understand living a life in that direction. The Master advised them to continue living with the discipline required and thus do good to the world. Both friends too felt that it was only the right way for them for rest of their lives.

Life moved on thus and a few years passed by….Both happened to meet the Master once again together on an auspicious day.

The Master looked at the one who was struggling all around and said, “My Dear! You made good progress!” But He looked at the other man and said, “Why are you away from the path?”

Both friends looked astonished with the comment made by the Master and sought an explanation from Him.

The Master smiled and said, “I understand your doubt. When you visited me the first time, one of you were already ahead in this path. The other was lagging behind. But now as I see you both, the man lagging behind had progressed not much but done something in that direction in a sincere way. The other who was already ahead in this path, totally ignored the progress he had to show and stayed at the original point only as the pride in him that ‘He is better off’ kept him stagnant there.”

The Master concluded, “Humility in us is the most important entity in this path and our pride is number one enemy that keeps us away from being humble. A constant vigil on ‘oneself’ alone keeps off this demon coming anywhere near to us. Being involved sincerely in this sacred task is thus nothing but being ever vigilant!”

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