Monday, May 7, 2012

Am I a true Well-wisher?

The Well-wisher’s responsibilities in life are Unique..... They are different from those of Care-taker primarily as the Care-taker’s responsibilities are law bound and the Well-wisher’s are not but Ethics very much dictate there
  • A Well-wisher is always an advisor but is never a planner. He/she advises but modifies the advice continuously depending on the developments around. Further, he/she advises but never admonishes. And he/she always conveys implicitly all the above to the person with him/her. 
  • A Well-wisher never quotes saying ‘You have decided, you should be prepared for the consequences.’ Simultaneously he never takes the burden of solving the complications that come up. He/she continuously supports in the new development scenario for ever. 
  • A Well-wisher tells the truthful way known to him/her only. The individual in picture may follow the same, or may go beyond or fall short. He simply keeps quite unless approached. 
  • A Well-wisher manages only the issues where the person involved expresses his/her inability in handling the issues. Simultaneously he/she advises the person to pick up in that direction and soon makes the person an expert. 
  • A Well-wisher sacrifices, works with dedication but never burdens himself/herself. 
  • A Well-wisher may lead but every moment sees that the individual concerned is in the front. 
  • A Well-wisher is ever free man and not bound by any entanglement in respect of responsibilities of the people involved. 
  • A Well-wisher defines his/her role in tune with the social practices around with ethical background but works beyond in that direction. 
  • A Well-wisher tapers off his/her role as the requirement comes down in time and thus frees himself/herself. He/she thus lives his /her life independent of that of the individual involved. 
  • A Well-wisher believes in God and prays ever for the Almighty’s support in all activities! He/she believes firmly that the Real Doer ultimately is only God!

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