Monday, May 28, 2012

Am I truly taking care of myself?

“Sir, what is ‘Total Care’ in life?”

“My dear, as long as my life is planned on earth by the Almighty, I have to care for myself with a genuine smile on my face 
all along ! 

This care essentially has three components….

Number one is …. I have my own requirements, both physical and psychological…..I should make a reasonable note of these and be equipped to meet them as life moves on…..The requirements in general are what our elders specify out of their experience….

Number two is…. I have distractions around me which will pull me into many ditches as life moves on…. I have to be careful here, have to keep away from them as much as possible and if over taken, soon should come out of their clutches and soothe my wounds…..

Number three is…. I have a deep thrust in me to excel in a particular style in life which may be totally acceptable around if done. I should never say ‘No’ to this entity and allow it to express by itself!   All taboos, dogmas, beliefs, customs, austerities, and sectarian behaviors come in the way of this expression….A
ll the while, I should balance myself here and  encourage  the freedom of expression in me but in a diplomatic way…. 

All the above care together is the ‘Total Care’ in life!"

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