Thursday, July 5, 2012

Am I seeing through colored glasses?

A man who used to boast himself a personality of simplicity, ethics and spirituality in life, visited a distant place for the first time.  He found the behavior of people of that region a bit strange.  He extensively roamed around and explored the surroundings. He found that people of almost all ages regularly doing strenuous body exercises like running, jogging, swimming and other isometric ones. They never bothered for the time of the day, weather and other environmental factors but used to continue with this discipline. Maintaining the body in trim condition was their main aim. Further they used to take extreme care in presenting themselves the best way in the outside world. He wondered how much precious time they routinely would waste on all these activities just to look good! The last one he noticed was….The people were always conscious of high nutrition in their diet.  An umpteen number of foods were in stores and on the table to satisfy this….

After his return, he met one of his friends an evening and casually narrated to him what he observed in the place of visit.  He laughed and said, “This human body is just with us to make use for our living.  How these people worship this body so much in maintaining in trimmed condition presenting it in such a refined way and by being conscious of the health beyond!  Do we need all these for a physical body which any how deteriorates in time? Why not they understand that an attitude that asserts 'do some minimum exercise, eat less but healthy food and have cheer on your face' is enough to give them good living? Beyond that, what is the use of all these?   I see no point in living 
their life in such a style!” 

The friend was a deep thinker and a man of understanding.  He listened to him, paused  and said, “My dear!  We can give a lecture on swimming when we are on shore safely.  We will not do the same when we are in deep waters and do not know swimming!  Are you clear?”

The man retorted saying, “What do you mean?”


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