Friday, July 6, 2012

Am I seeing through colored glasses?


The friend replied, “See my dear! For people like us, many requirements in life are met 
easily with the casual work we do….I mean to say, a work with lesser competition around!    For people of the region you visited, it does not happen that way….They have to face every minute, the tough competition to secure even a small item in life.  And to face such a competition in their working, there is no go but to be trim….That trimmed way, is nothing but having a healthy body maintained through tough exercise and good nutrition and presentation through the best grooming.   And in time, it is a habit of body and mind as unless you get trained in that direction from childhood, it cannot be yours! Now tell me, what else can they do in such a scenario?” 

The man was taken a back at the revelation made by the friend, but asked him in a gentle tone, “OK, I understand, but tell me, how is that I am not doing anything like that but still getting my requirements easily?   I think, these people have too many expectations in life….”

The friend looked at him and said, “Expecting more may be a factor with them and that also naturally will be predominant when they have to struggle to get everything, but here, let us remind ourselves of one thing….'My requirements are met easily means….My portion of work is being done 
continuously by someone else somewhere and I am purely relaxing at his/her cost; nothing less! How is that I am a man of ethics, preaching on lines of philosophy, if, knowingly I permit this?” 


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