Monday, July 16, 2012

The Path of Spirituality....

“Reverend Sir! What is the disciplined life one has to lead who wishes to progress in spiritual path?”

“My dear, I am a certain personality at this moment which is my ignorance in life and it is a fact. Thus, when ignorance is a fact, in the first instance living according to that is the right way. But the ignorance in my life makes me accumulate further ignorance through my own self interested actions done continuously. That way the pain in life continues but the purpose in life is to evolve above this. For this, I should simultaneously make efforts known to me to be away from some of these self interested actions. The wisdom in life is to strike a reasonable balance between these two distinct actions and start living.  It is like a mother’s action wherein she does not feed the child unless the child cries but never delays that beyond a limit.   ‘Feed when the child cries but do not feed out of fear that the child may cry’ is her motto as she knows that a small crying is good for the child before the feed. In a similar way, one has to first train the body and mind by following this mid path with least conflict.  And surely, there is certain level of clarity in one’s life when this conflict is reduced. Out of the calmness restored through this discipline, an individual can do fruitful investigations in life as per his/her wish.  This way alone one establishes in spiritual path!  All other rigid disciplines full of beliefs and austerities take him/her nowhere!”

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