Sunday, July 15, 2012

A responsibility towards self....

“Reverend Sir, I see a deep unrest of frustration and fear in me. It surfaces when I am forced into loneliness i.e., when removed from my familiar surroundings and interactions for a while. Whatever self explanations I may provide for myself, this entity of unrest always surfaces and it appears it never leaves me.  All diversions with engagements around look like a loud laughter with a burning heart inside. What is the true remedy here in my life?”

“My dear! The unrest in us a fact and that being constantly covered up through contemplation of possessions in the world is a fact too! These possessions are incessantly acquired by an individual to overcome the deficiency of this unrest in him/her. But truly, it never comes down that way; in fact, it increases with more and more possessions….

The only way in front of us to get over the unrest is through a primary activity of 
physically sharing these possessions to whatever level possible with others. But an individual always finds a mental block here in himself/herself for this sharing. So, the intelligent in various societies have evolved a method of driving people into this sacred task. It is similar to a method of removing a thorn in foot with the help of another thorn…. 

Meaning ….'Share the possessions through a feeling of another entity of distinct possession.’ Thus let one have his/her own group of people and share the possessions with them. This is the original concept of having a family and taking up responsibilities in respect of people around. As a house holder, one was advised to continue this sharing to a certain level in his/her surroundings too. And the unrest gradually reduces when this sharing is done through a true sense of giving away! The individual has been advised thus, ‘Let there be no conditions for this giving and simply give away out of happiness in becoming lighter day by day!’ In this way, one has to live through his/her life and whatever be the outcome is to be taken with all smiles….Thus moves up clarity over the ladder with lessened unrest.  Rest all is only through Grace of God!”

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