Thursday, July 12, 2012

Work....A never ending Entity!

“Sir, now a days, I am finding no time at all to do my personal works because of too much pressure at work in my Company. My family and people say that I am not paying necessary attention to them in time. I am finding myself helpless in meeting both demands at the same time. I do not know how to strike a balance between the two….” 

“My dear, I can surely say that you are not clear on the concept of work which is very important to know at this point of time. You should always remember that….

No one truly knows when the work comes up and how it ends in one’s life….

The completion of work is a whole time process by itself and never, never and never bit by bit!

My work starts in youth and ends with reasonable retirement past sixties. All this period, it is a single entity….

My work alone truly supports my basic living all the time, not the rest of one hundred and one activities I try to do in the outside world!

Fragments of work are a myth and do not exist….If any one tries to do fragments and bits of work, the whole thing soon ends and he/she would never be fit in work environment though rest of his/her active life.

A halt in the mid of active work is permitted only for inevitable reasons and never for the imagined and assumed ones. Further, in this situation back to work scenario would be welcome but with a rating down which invariably one has to accept but would not be thrown out of work environment. This is only a boon granted in the toughest situation.

The above means that there is nothing like….Work ending for a while and I am having free time! Instead, in between when a breath can be taken, I will be doing my works of my personal life; that’s all!

It may difficult to understand the concept of work in this way but all other ways of fragmenting the same is nothing but ultimately myself working against me….i.e., softly killing myself!”

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