Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Spiritual Path in front of us….

“Reverend Sir! I am very busy with my daily works and usually do not find time for other activities in my life. And all Philosophical Preachings always say that one should not stop these ordained duties even a moment and further be doing them with all zeal. Please tell me, in this scenario where is the time for me to Practice Spiritual Discipline in my life as envisaged by the Great Personalities?  Please clarify to me on this doubt and guide me further….”

“My dear!  Spirituality is not any distinct entity from a normal life that one leads on the earth. In fact, a dedicated effort towards one’s own responsibilities is a Spiritual Discipline.  Meaning, it is not what life an individual leads but the quality of his/her life here that matters, the works remaining the same.

An individual is an embodiment of actions due to the past and discharge of his/her responsibilities through these actions alone is the way to maintain the balance in life. And this must go on eternally till the time the actions naturally fall off from him/her with the dawn of The Supreme Knowledge through Grace of God! 
 Till then there is no go for one but to continue doing the destined actions….

What the Spiritual Practices all the time emphasize is doing these actions with more attention and lesser emotions because attention is superior to emotions even though we as mortals are never free from them. Thus, the true path to be followed is to exercise a discipline of greater attention with lesser emotions in all our actions in a natural way. The Peace, which prevails all along alone shows a way to be more and more attentive in life!   It is truly a contagious and cumulative phenomenon in an individual whereby he/she moves towards Refinement. That’s all what the Spiritual Practices in the world mean and nothing else!”

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