Friday, September 7, 2012

@@@@@@ A 'Day' matters here...Better I be aware!

The day I am officially out from my School / College with a Provisional Certificate in hand, I should be on the lookout for my job.... A Prospective Employer may not select me instantly, but would be keen to know how I made use of my time from this day whenever he / she conducts an interview for my job.... And if I happen to relax even a day without a sincere attempt to search a job and / or improve my skills, that day will be dug up and taken out in the interview!   That Event invariably gets into my Work Experience Record for the rest of my active phase of Work Life….

Thus, the only way in front of me is start searching a job and meanwhile apply for Higher Studies and/or Improvement Programs for my skills through training/doing part time job/ even working without pay….Anything in this direction would be appreciated by the future Employer except the dreaded monsters like ‘Nothing Done’, ‘Not attempted’, ‘Relaxed’ or ‘Rested’ from my side!

Again, after joining any employment, I should grow and ‘Was Stagnant’ is another Monster here! This involves getting a good Performance Appraisal, regular increments and promotions with additional responsibilities in parallel…. If these are neither timely nor in order…..there is a threat! The threat of soon being ‘out’ from the present position….So, nothing is respected here, other than growing!

Thus, from the day of award of degree to the day of retirement, the best course of action is simply be active continuously in this line and remember for ever that even a ‘Single Day’ matters here!

And the final word....During this period, if at all I have to be away from my work due to unforeseen circumstances or have to take a long leave in the interests of family welfare justifiable to all in the field, I should be back to my work the moment the problem/issue becomes manageable….

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