Monday, September 10, 2012

Precious Gifts from Mother Nature for a Child!

The child continuously explores and never takes the same around him/her so easily…. Generally, what all I would be presenting to him/her would be a cluster of activities of repetition because that is the easiest way for me to do….Something like a package!    But the child has no interest for repetition beyond a limit as his/her interest shifts quickly to explore further.  So I must continuously try and present various live activities to him/her that would address well the little one’s interest.  Mother Nature around us presents this in the best way and thus a constant communication with Nature is a true asset in bringing up the child!

The child does not want an orderly life around….Any order with laid out practices and systems is a monotony for the child.  Certain order around is acceptable and interesting for a child and it may be a prime requirement too.  Anything beyond this is unwelcome....The disorder comprises of varied things next to him/her in respect of size, shape, color and their associated movements and sounds.  These alone will interest the child and these variations invariably are part of our Mother Nature!

The child accepts what comes to it easily without many reservations.  This is because there is a definite characteristic in the child which expresses the best with what is available in the front.  That’s the greatness in a child and many times what is worthless for a man is interesting and the dearest for a child!  It is wisdom to see this special quality in the child and care for all the items the he/she loves to keep with him/her.   In turn, the child sees this care from his/her parent and develops into a true caring personality in his/her life!   Once again to say, Mother Nature gives these precious gifts for a child free of cost!

Now, the question in front of me is….Am I making proper use of all these given by Nature as I bring up my child?

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