Friday, November 9, 2012

A Introspection constantly required in life!

A deep thinker one night had strange thoughts thus….

As I look back into my past life in a nut shell, apart from the few downs I experienced, most of the time my life was reasonably smooth and because of this I was of the view till this moment that my care alone had ensured all this…. 

But if I look once again carefully into my past, it is very clear that out of the total time of this 'take care', I was practically physically with my possessions and my people only for a short  time….Most of the time, they were under the care of the System and the related people around and the System and the related people truly provided a cover of protection in this context apart from the personal care of my people.  If seen this way, how am I a owner here?

Beyond a level, even the System and the 
related people could not have done the required had the Providence taken a smaller look on all these aspects. Thus the ultimate 'take care' was through the Grace of God alone… 

Now I sincerely feel that I am no doer here, the Almighty alone takes care of all and the people around me in the Social System do the required activities from their side, myself contributing only a small portion in this....In this scenario alone, the so called protection was  extended to all of us!    Really, how small was my thinking all these days?  Now I understand that as long as my life is planned on the earth I should be doing my duty as per my Dharma for the related activities to go on and be constantly Praying to God for the Decent of His Grace all along as the ultimate Doer and Protector is He alone!

And this attitude only is safe for me from this moment as all other actions tainted with a 'stronger
 Ego’ feeling would produce equally more pain in  the end!”

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