Wednesday, December 7, 2016


A King visited the distant prosperous Kingdom on a request call..

He spent a few days there and the King of the prosperous Kingdom quickly showed him all those extra ordinary facilities he provided for his people in their routine life..

The King got very much inspired with all that and on return, decided to provide the same for his people too.. The friendly King of prosperous Kingdom in no time offered the expertise help required there with no cost at some places and with a small cost at other places and promised to continue giving that support..

The wise Minister raised his objection for the implementation of the new schemes saying that it was not a feasible idea for his people.. The King snubbed him off in no time as enough finances were there in the Treasury for the support.. The ambitious scheme was soon through..

In few weeks, the specific facilities were with people at every corner.. The King felt..
  • 'Where there's a will there's a way!' 
After all it was not a difficult job.. His ambition was to go ahead with the next program that was lurking in his mind..

But there was an issue.. A serious one indeed..

The facilities at various points in the kingdom in short time started giving problems of maintenance and upkeep.. An attempt was made to address the same but found that it was a Herculean job to do that as..
  • Expertise was not available around to look into the problems which had to be subsequently purchased continuously from the prosperous Kingdom at high cost, 
  • Spares were not available to the number required, 
  • A few available had prohibitive price as the quality had to be maintained and 
  • Spurious spares which were in no time in the market started giving problems the next day of their fitment.. 
In no time, the precious life saving finances, energies and time had to be diverted to maintain the ambitious Project going on which was impossible to do..

Thus, soon the facilities at all points in the kingdom were closed and people were back to their own ingenious ways of living their life without them.. The king was a just a mute watcher in front the whole Project being shelved through..

The wise Minister was right,
  • 'What you can't maintain through out the life, you should never have in the beginning itself!' 
Keywords: prosperity, ingenious ways

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