Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Moment of Calmness in life!

I am a bundle of desires!   As I start living my life, these desires work through my thought, word and deed and make me feel satisfied through an expectation or achievement.  But the fine truth veiled in here is that my thought, word and deed together alone may not be able to bring in the desired result as that is equally controlled by certain unknown forces Viz., Happenings around!   These are independent of my aim, plan and execution of activities, if not totally….Thus, when the result comes up as different from that expected, it is truly a pain in life and the quantum of this pain directly varies with the fact Viz., How much I got addicted to my level of satisfaction in earlier achievements!  This is the power of ignorance around!

Having understood this mechanism constantly working in me, I should equally make a note that I cannot do much and sometimes may not be able to do anything to bring a change in my thought, word and deed....The reason herein is that the propelling force behind these three entities....the ‘me’ inside, cannot be negated by me so easily! But there is no despair, it is still possible to do that in a fine way.... Either through an observation of this phenomenon in me, through an incessant dedication in doing my attached duties or through a constant Prayer to the Almighty....

Thus, as I start living a moment of my life through one of these activities with an associated lightness, I exist at that moment in a state of total calmness of life!  And this is the only True Sacred Activity I can do in my entire life period....

Should I not continue doing this....The next moment too?

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