Thursday, January 2, 2014

My involvement should match with my Inner Personality!

A man was into a peculiar problem for which there were no easy solutions and he was confused on the course of action to follow....

He decided to take advice from one of his elderly distant relatives who was all through his life Spiritual in thinking and an adviser for many around.... Accordingly he met him one day, explained his situation and requested him to suggest a way of action in such a scenario.... The elderly gentleman straight away suggested him certain path of action instantly.... The man thought, “It is better I follow this advice as I can surely depend on this gentleman in these issues….” Having decided thus, he thus started a new life with new responsibilities and related activities….

Days passed….

But the man soon found that he got into a new network of problems from which there was no easy way to come out but live through.... He, at heart felt too bad for the gentleman’s wrong advice which landed him into some more problems and it looked no end to them with peace of mind becoming extinct.... At one stage he could no more control himself, wanted to vent out his anger on the elderly.... Accordingly he met him one evening and said, “I expected a good guidance from you.... What you advised me made me worse in this scenario.... How can your ever advise like that and feel great? I am sorry to mention this to you with your age and experience at the back!”

The gentleman paused, smiled at him and patting him said, “My Dear! I feel for your situation and I too say here that the path in front is not an easy one.... You have to put up with a lot of stress and start moving ahead….”

Having stopped for a while he continued, “But take from me; I never guided you wrongly here as your original inclination is one hundred percent for this path only....  The reason to say this so firmly is because....'You are that!'  In fact there is a better path of lesser or least conflict in such situations, but you are not ripe for that path.... Had you taken up that path, the misery would have been doubled the other way and you would have gone mad by this time.... And I did not purposefully suggest that path to you because at this point of time, I can understand to a large extent your inner trends!”

While leaving, the elderly said, “Life with a problem alone has a meaning for people like us and bereft of this, it is a dry Entity in spite of no conflict....  The test in front of you is now how best you handle the situations of future life from Truth point of view and remember.... The Almighty is ever a Watcher here!"

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