Monday, December 10, 2012

The problem itself, many times a solution!

A man got into a permanent problem in his life. As life moved on, many started sympathizing with him. For that, he smilingly used to say, “See! For all of you, when a problem surfaces or threatens to surface, there is a profound fear in every one as the immediate cozy and comfortable life is being disturbed. That way, problems will be coming and going. But for me as there is no solution to my problem, I have only two options in front of me….Either be afraid for ever and thus live a low life with head bent down or as even a cat when cornered gives back, react on the positive side and firm up the mind that the end would seen whatever it may be! That way life is peaceful immediately and any how, how the future is destined no one knows!”

There is a saying that if one stoops down to a level of taking out everything from a person, indirectly the person is freed from the other side and having begged up to a stage for not taking out the things,  suddenly the affected individual  feels free and gives back!

The above distinctly shows that many times the fear and the tension of how the problem gets resolved create more trouble than the actual pain the problem gives as time moves on….So it is the attitude in life which ultimately gives us happiness clearly making us know the ultimate purpose of our living and the impermanency around. These truths always totally bring solace to a disturbing mind which otherwise feels that in the whole life some thing seriously is lost. In fact, if the understanding deepens, voluntarily relinquishing the comforts, luxuries, wealth and titles takes place embracing a simple life and a highly contended feeling firms up in the mind.... A Great Phenomenon in Nature!

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