Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A True Disciple!

“Be good, do good and thus be happy in your life!”saying this, a Great Saint concluded his speech. The audience who were listening all the while to the speech , left the place with a deep feeling of satisfaction and clarity in their hearts except a few…. 

“What is new in this? From childhood our schools have taught all these stories and morals. The Great Man too is telling the same…."They thought thus with simmering doubts in their hearts.... And once a question comes like that in mind, the man never rests till he / she gets the answer!  Here too, it happened....They together visited the Great Man on a day and questioned Him on the same….

“Go and spread my message among more people and guide them clearing their own doubts to the extent you understand!” Saying this, the Great Man had sent them back….

A few of them got another doubt there.… "This is only like doing a Social Service....How can we 
go beyond this and free ourselves from the unrest in us?”  And those few again approached the Master to clarify their further doubt…. 

"Take lesser benefit for yourself and leave the same for the other man in all your actions and thus start living your lives from now on wards!” said the Great Personality.... 

They returned with no further doubts in their hearts except one....And that man straight away approached the Great Man the next day and questioned, “ Master! I don’t see a total solution for freedom from this unrest in all the actions you have said so far even though I sincerely accept that through these actions alone we can rise…. More than this, is there still any other way for me at this point of time?”

The Master smiled and said, “Dear!  from today, you are my Disciple as I see the deep Quest in you to free yourself from this unrest....To the extent possible, handover some of your responsibilities to the next person with you and start meditating in the available time.... Through this alone your further doubts would get cleared and in the process you yourself investigate, find out the reason and cross over the state of unrest in you!” 

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