Thursday, January 24, 2013

The alternative to The Total Change….

“Sir! You mentioned that unless the heart and soul are put into a task by an individual or group of individuals, the ‘Best’ would not come out. How can an individual do that way, leaving easily all his / her owns self interests which are the driving forces in all of us? Else, do you mean to say that an ordinary individual can do no ‘real good’ to the world at any point of time?…. Please clarify further in this context…..” Thus asked the man to his well-wisher referring to the earlier discussions…..

“My dear!” said the well-wisher of wisdom…. “Yes!  Lack of this deep interest in all our actions is a deficiency in the world and no where you will find it so easily except with a few Distinct Personalities who happen to have an infinite zeal in that direction…. These are the Great Men of the world and when such Great Personalities take up a task…. In fact to say the other way….When They come on to this earth for that Cause alone….The task is delivered to Perfection!  That’s the effect of putting up Heart and Soul into the Works…. In fact, these Great Men’s presence and their movements in the world alone will bring in a Change!  Births of such Great Personalities on this Earth are timed in the Divine Plan and exactly come into effect when everywhere confusion rules the maximum and living on lines of Truth had been forgotten to a large extent!

But no despair here….Similar to these Great Men’s Actions, actions from all of us too would come out in certain times through our distinct emotional expressions which are quite distinguishable…. And when these expressions are out, to that extent ‘Good’ will be done in a limited way, for a limited time, limited to a few places....Such noble actions too contribute to the welfare of the Human Being around instantly, continue
for certain time and bring out their own good effects!”

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