Wednesday, January 16, 2013

True Winning Strategy….

“Sir! I firmly believe that we should be fighting out continuously to see that no one rules us easily....Let it be the boss at work, the neighbor or  the man of prominence in our day to day activities including sometimes a close family member. If we don’t do that, soon the other person overrides us, in no time makes us powerless....In that condition, a life below dignity surfaces and continues depending on other circumstances. I should never allow this in my life if I call myself courageous....

But I am seeing a problem in this fight….If I do this way firmly, many times the opponent is forced to keep quite and would behave well within the limits, but a few times the whole plan can turn back and work on me itself!  And, in such a situation, I would really be feeling miserable as I have to accept a defeat here....Further, as I would not be totally getting away from the other person, it may become an ‘Ease’ with the other person in respect of me.... How can I avoid such pitfalls in my day to day interactions but still fight and express myself the right way?”

“My Dear! No doubt winning over is heroism and definitely a strategy is needed to fight any war towards the victory….Let us get into a little introspection here….

As we can see, in every conflict, there are always two primary issues to be addressed or to be corrected….these are.... 

1. My ‘Right’ is affected when the other individual has exceeded the limit or

2. I exceeded the limit and the ‘Right’ of other individual is affected. 

When these limits are seen 
distinctly by any one of the two contestants , the rights of both individuals would be better upheld, more peace reigns instantly as the conflict truly comes down…..

But, here I cannot and I should never ask the other man to change and if I mean it, I can change myself without an iota of dignity lost when my ‘self’ would accommodate the other individual a little more….With this, peace is restored in no time and none of my ‘Rights’ are truly sacrificed….Meaning, I see here my 'Right' as different as I, simultaneously see there a responsibility too….

This is similar to the way a parent solves a problem the ward brings in not a lesser one but within certain limits….Instead of getting into verbal questing and trying to prove something unnecessarily, the parent sincerely rectifies the situation in the first instance itself in the best possible way and thus takes care of the issue in a true spirit….This type of attitude to some extent, certainly is the responsibility of an Elite Member of a Group where ultimately that Group’s well being is part of own well being….

With this attitude, still the war may go on but silently and peacefully and in such a scenario a 'Win-Win' situation prevails or so to say ‘No winning but Living alone’ continues!

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