Friday, January 31, 2014

The 'Responsibility' of a truly 'Knowledgeable Personality' is forever different!

A gentleman had a few Spiritual Revelations…. Certainly not less but quite Revealing type…. Instantly, he was one hundred percent sure path of action on some of the day to day issues and the course of actions to be followed.… People around initially had seen his behavior as strange but soon understood to some extent the spirit behind his actions…. He exactly meant what he said…. Having understood that, they had their own reverence and appreciation for him….

Life was going on thus….

One day, the gentleman had visited a near by Monastery to have blessings of the Master and take further guidance from Him on how to lead future life with these Revelations at the back…. The Master looked at him and straight away said, “My dear! You are not helping out the people around you who constantly carry their respects and appreciation for you!”

The gentle man was totally wonder struck not knowing what to say….

The Great Man said, “See! My Dear! The Almighty had specially given you certain depth of Perception of Truth in your life.... You are able to see within you specks of Truth which an ordinary man around you is not able to perceive at your level…. When thus, God had bestowed His Grace on you, it is your duty to spread His Message through the known Apparatus with you among the people who are unable to perceive the Truth presently but are truly capable of perceiving the same one day, may be in distant time.... None of them are really less in this capacity except that the powerful ignorance is holding them down this moment making them feel small and helpless.... All these men and women have every right to get elevated in your presence and you should ever be ready to help them in that direction but not simply take the praise from them and be contented in yourself!  Why are you not doing this additional 'Sacred Action' which you are capable of this day?"

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