Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Safe Way of Living….

“Sir! They say that if we take care of the other man and extend our help beyond expected, the return is guaranteed and peace and safety in life are assured. I understand this in principle but cannot make out the mystery behind the safety. How is that I am safe when I open my door and boldly go and help the other man who, in that situation may not be in friendly terms with me? Secondly, if I extend help and care remotely too, how is that I am safe away from the point of help?”

“Dear! I understand your predicament and I too say that as long as I have my body interest, I should lock the door of my house to safeguard myself and my body…. Meaning…. I should take care and follow the basic safety rules…. But, let me explain a little more in respect of what the Great Men of the World have said in this regard…. 

See, when you extend help anywhere, either near or far, there is an ‘Effect’ of that in the Universe as the general trend of all living beings is ‘I am for my self!’ and here, this is done in a different way …. This ‘Effect’ is nothing but a change in the mindset i.e., in thinking that ‘The self which is the cause of misery is negated temporarily through this action!’ Thus, this ‘Effect’ brings in a change in me as well as in others around in calming the ever craving for possession, the greater change being in me and the receiver! When thus, this craving is sublimated through such Noble Deed, my safety is more authentically felt in me with a feeling ‘Why should I be protected beyond?’ and in others too but at different levels more being felt by the direct recipient….That means, in principle the ‘self preserving attitude’ is lessened all around simultaneously even though the change may be infinitesimally small…. Thus this ‘Noble Action’ cools the nerves of every one, and under the calm mind the Truth is clearer…. ‘All are One!’   Now, please tell, when my surroundings and myself exist with that feeling, is that not a safe environment for me basically and for others too?”

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