Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Truth known to me is only to be lived through the Maximum!

“Master! Can I reveal the Truth known to me to people around as the Great Men in this direction have done this even though the Spiritual Discipline strictly restricts the same saying that 'Truth is a Secret' and unless the recipient is elevated to the level of  receiving it, revealing of the same does more harm than good.  I am confused here!”

“Dear! What the Scriptures say is one hundred percent correct and what the Great Saints had done also is true as the Understanding of Truth and Revealing the same to the world happened with these Great Personalities when the concept of ‘Mine’ was almost 'Nil' in Them….Such Instances are perfectly in tune with Mother Nature's Requirement....

And we, the normal individuals are far, far away from this scenario.... 
We are living this mundane life at the back of our own desires experiencing the related pleasures and pains in the process of expressing these desires….  

The Truth known to me at this moment is more precisely called the 'Relative Truth'.... If this is revealed to the world out of an enthusiasm in me to educate the next man, that action really does 'No Good' to the recipient 
immediately and 'More Harm' to the reveal er i.e., 'me' subsequently…. Here, the receiver is always confused with such revelations and is bound to react adversely at the back of that confusion.... That reaction from the other party is bound to cause damage to me and thus finally suffering prevails everywhere…. 

So the ideal way is not to get into this mode, but wait patiently till the other man queries out on this, out of his / her own enthusiasm…. Even at that point of time too, I should just tell him / her the minimum required and encourage him / her more and more on doing 'The Right' simultaneously myself continue doing 'That Right!'…. Ultimately, this 'doing the Right’ alone brings forth the Right Understanding everywhere!  If thus lived through with this discipline, it is nothing but just respecting the 'Reality as Secret!' 

Let us remember that in this world, the 'Knowledgeable Master' is a Wonder and the 'Recipient of Knowledge' called the 'Disciple' is a Wonder too!  Meaning....They are forever the Rear Personalities.... And all Revelations for ever should stay only between them.... We, as the normal personalities should be talking of this lesser and lesser but be doing more and more the 'Right' known to us!" 

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