Sunday, May 5, 2013

This 'Belief' is the Mischief Maker!

The problem is with our belief….This belief is indirectly my own personal faith in what I observe around and what I experience forthwith….To say more explicitly, as I grow from childhood, I start observing / experiencing around, constantly go on comparing that experience with what it was supposed to be based on my belief and thus arrive at decisions like ‘the good’ & ‘the bad’ and ‘ the right’ & ‘the wrong!’ Having done that, I divide people saying ‘my person’ and ‘not my person’ and start ‘liking my person' and ‘disliking’ or if the dislike goes beyond, ‘hating the other person'!” said the Master….

“Sir! Then what is the solution here?” asked one of the disciples…

“The only way in front of any one is to see the ‘Truth at that Instance’ as much as possible and accordingly firm up and act…. Here alone lies the strength of an individual and his / her steadfastness and great wish to explore the ‘ World of Truth’ rather than be caught and carried away by the glimpses of pleasures the untruth shows to trap the person….

No doubt, the ‘Demon Ignorance’ is not an easy enemy to tackle as the tackling personality my self is part of it if not the whole, depending on the level of my own elevation in the path of  ‘Higher Understanding’…. Let this ‘Demon’ continue its tricks on me but let me be ever vigilant, take some blame and attack from the world which are inevitable in the process but within limits and stick to the ever safe ‘Truthful Path’ which is seen instantly sometimes else follow ‘The path laid out by the Great men of the World’ in all such situations….  It is difficult and not an easy job but this life is worth experimenting this much ‘New’ rather than going round and round in the ‘Easy path’ with no respite from going round for ever carrying the burden on the back and keep adding bits and pieces of the experiences of the interactions with the glitter and  glamour around with their own vanishing tricks from the scene exactly in times of need!"

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