Saturday, June 29, 2013

* A Sincere Help never digs into the Past!

A man because of whom a few people suffered in their lives was in a difficulty, of not small intensity but sizable one which attracted quite a bit of every one’s attention….

“What you sow so you reap! This man had done enough damage to the lives of others, now he deserves to have it.... Any one may help here, but I keep off in this situation.... There are many places to help and many who truly need me at this point of time!” was the decision of a man who was considered as the learned in life ….

“Every jackal will have its day! When in power, we may act as we like but the wrong actions done at that point of time will lead to this type of ending.... Now this man expects support from people; what an irony!" was the thinking a man of too much pride and prejudice who just wanted to wait and watch in the situation….

“ Every effort pays! What type of return will come to us here for helping out such a man? Let me see if I can fit in any time for him in my busy schedule....” was thinking of another individual who all the life looked for plus and minus alone….

“Time and tide wait for none! It is not long before our own deeds show up....Where is the extra energy to help such cruel personalities in this world? Better utilize the limited resources of ours for the right use” was the thought of a man who believed in the concept of ‘Right Work!’

“Service to Humanity is Service to God! A few lives might have suffered in the past.... But a life is suffering presently in front of me.... I'll extend my best support in reducing the suffering of this man!” was the thinking of a humble man who believed in the concept that 'I am not the doer; I act through His Will!'

Gods from above Showered Their Blessings on that Soul!

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