Friday, June 7, 2013

“Master! What is the purpose of life?”

“Dear! The basic purpose of life of any individual is to continuously Elevate ‘Own Self’ and ultimately establish in Eternal Peace....Elevation is a state of mind where in the individual continues to be more at Peace with limited disturbances.   Any one straight away offered with this gift of being at Peace at any level would instantly take it without a second thought! Then the question in front of us is why are people not showing interest in this direction as we see more and more human suffering around?

The reason why
 we are not able to show a total interest in this direction is because of the hold of the powerful Ignorance on us.... The Ignorance with us, an accumulated bunch of past experiences is a Reality and this will never allow us straight away tune ourselves to the purpose of life!

That is why all our Sacred Books and Great Personalities recommend us to take up a specific path according to our own 'Inside Personality / Tendencies' and start living our lives thus through discharge of the Ordained duties. This involvement immediately establishes a certain Peace of mind in us even though the same is shaky.  But as we live our life thus by meticulously doing our responsible jobs in front with full vigor, the Ignorance which in fact is nothing but the 'Inside Personality / Tendencies' surely levels down with the dawn of more and more Clarity. This Clarity alone prompts us to investigate in parallel and thus Elevate ourselves in life with the dawn of much more Clarity....  

Here, we are strongly advised by all Scriptures not to get away at any time from the Sacred Duties in front but do them with all devotion and thus rise steadily in the path of Elevation, which is 'The Purpose of Life' this moment.... Rest all is only through the Grace of Almighty and that is truly unknown to any one at this point of time!"

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